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Logo Design

Logo and asset design for a small breads and threads business 


3 Weeks

Adobe Fresco


Artboard 15 copy 14_4x-8.png


Gluten & Garments is a small breads and threads company looking for a new logo and various graphic assets to include on their social media page and website.

The Problem

Despite there being a surplus of gluten lovers and seamstresses, there aren't many people who advertise both services simultaneously in a way that's clear and effective.

The Solution

To make two similar logos that both underline two services of breads and threads while being able to stand on it's own in a unique and memorable way.



Using Adobe Fresco, I made an array of vector sketches intending to achieve a balance between simplicity and playfulness. One concept particularly resonated with me – the whimsical notion of bread or type emerging from thread, or the bread acting as a pincushion. After careful consideration, I narrowed down my selection to three favorites, which I promptly shared with my client.

Favorite Sketches
Sketches Chosen by Client


Drawing inspiration from the flowy nature of thread, I explored different kinds of script fonts. I aimed to find a typeface that could complement the imagery while evoking a handmade aesthetic. Through experimentation with different fonts, positioning, and orientations, I settled on Eldwin Script. Its readability, playful essence, and overall composition aligned with the vision I sought to convey.

Artboard 5_2x-8.png
Artboard 25_2x-8.png
Eldwin Script, Regular

Emblems and
Combination Marks

With the typeface selected and my sketches finalized, I transitioned to Illustrator to bring everything together. Integrating Eldwin Script type with the vectorized sketches, I focused on creating emblems and combination marks. This approach served as an effective way to showcase Gluten & Garment's offered services by seamlessly blending imagery and type. 


Drawing inspiration from their Instagram profile, I captured screenshots to extract a color palette via their content. I opted for a combination of brown and tan to represent the essence of gluten. Observing prevalent blue fabrics and yellow items on their profile, I incorporated these hues into the scheme. To enhance cohesion, I introduced purple as an analogous counterpart to the blue and a complementary contrast to the yellow, thus unifying the palette.






Color Implementation and Style

My favorite aspect of the process was infusing the colors into the logo design. It provided an opportunity for exploration, allowing me to test various combinations, tints, and shades. I enhanced the visual impact by introducing an amorphous shape as a backdrop and experimented with a risograph effect to add depth. Additionally, I delved into different stylistic elements such as strokes, block colors, and subtle details like strings and dots. Among the myriad options, I curated a selection of favorites to present below.

Key Takeaways

  1. Keep it simple - the farther away I got from my initial sketches, the muddier the message became. Staying close to my initial designs ensured that my message stayed intact throughout the design process.  

  2. Fight the urge to implement color too early.

  3. Send the client only my favorite designs, as it eliminates confusion and overwhelm and showcases my best work. 

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